Foreign payments gateway

Payments can be done via:

  •  EFT (Electronic funds transfer) 
    • Make a payment in your local currency into a local bank account in your home country
    • This is the most affordable way to pay
    • Just click on the “Pay Online Now” button below and select “EFT” as payment option
    • Fill in your details and the amount quoted on
    • You will then receive and email with the banking details of a bank in your home country into which you will make payment
    • Please email your proof of payment to
  • Credit or Debit Card
    • Pay with your credit or debit card via our secure online payment option
    • Card details remain completely secure
    • Payment accepted from VISA and Mastercard
    • 2.5% will be charged when paying with credit or debit cards
    • Please ad 2.5% to the amount to be paid (amount ÷ 0.975)
    • Just click on the “Pay Online Now” button below

(Please use  “YOUR NAME” as payment reference)

Please note that all bank charges and transfer fees are for the clients account. Bushward Safaris requires the full amount quoted per tour or per person. We know that some banks can’t transfer the exact amount with foreign currency transfers. Should this be the case we can make an arrangement that the outstanding balance is paid to Bushward Safaris on the day of departure in cash. Should it be the case that an amount of more than the quoted amount was paid to Bushward Safaris we will refund the client on the day of departure in cash.

Each client will receive an email indicating the amounts paid as indicated on our bank statements. For any enquiries about payments made and to be made you can contact our financial manager on